Studer On-Air 2000 Digital Mixing Console for Radio


Radio Automation
The Studer OnAir 2000M2 is ideally suited for integration
into a radio automation or Computer Assisted Broadcast
(CAB) system. It can be integrated in a network of several
computer workstations, CD jukeboxes or other data storage
devices. The whole system can also be remote controlled
from virtually anywhere by a combination of laptop computer and mobile phone. 

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Digital Mixing Console for Radio Broadcasting Applications.

The Studer OnAir 2000 at a Glance• Ergonomic and easy-to-learn solution for mediumto large broadcast studios• Modular 6, 12, 18 or 24 faders• Fully-digital signal processing• Input router with up to 64 inputs for any numberof faders• Graphical user interface giving complete systemoverview• Programmable user authorization system• Comprehensive monitoring and talkback• Prepared for system integration• Ready interface to radio automation systemsIt works, however a previous revision is necessary for its correct operation.Power Supply: 150 VA typ. (OnAir 2000M2/24/4)Redundant power supply available on request.Accessories and OptionsInput and Output modules, Telephone hybrid module,Serial interface module, Analog insert module,  Digital insert module,

Time sync module. The accessories and options are separate. All modules are new. Price per module 90€.

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Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 cm
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