NEUMANN U87. Vintage. Fully checked and measured. Certificate of review by Neumann in Berlin.


Neumann U87. Fully checked and measured


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NEUMANN U87. VINTAGE. Fully checked and measured.

The Neumann U 87 is probably the best known and most widely used Neumann studio microphone. It is equipped with a large dual-diaphragm capsule with three directional patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8. These are selectable with a switch below the headgrille.

A 10 dB attenuation switch is located on the rear. It enables the microphone to handle sound pressure levels up to 127 dB without distortion.

Furthermore, the low-frequency response can be reduced to compensate for the proximity effect.

U87 microphones that were built from 1967 to 1986. 

  • The microphone has been fully checked and measured.
  • Attached certificate of review by Neumann in Berlin; this year.
  • Original support
  • Connector XLR 3 pin
  • Serial Number: 22553
  • Neumann Original Box. Although the micro serial number does not match the serial number of the box.
  • It has small features of dents; which do not prevent its perfect operation.
  • Insured shipping

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Peso 2 kg
Dimensiones 30 × 20 × 10 cm
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